Use our Chutneys at your next Wine & Cheese gathering

Bring out the flavors of your wine, spur spicy conversation, and bring your ordinary hors d'oeuvres to life.

For example:

Spread generous amounts of the Cranberry or Pomegranate chutney on a wheel or triangle of brie and serve with wheat crackers.

Serve the Tomato chutney instead of cocktail sauce or salsa when serving shrimp, crackers, or chips.

Use the Mint chutney as a dip for your crudites.

The Tomato chutney should be added when preparing bruschetta.

Spread Tomato chutney over goat cheese to produce a tangy spicy flavor.

Add the Mint or Tomato chutney to your crab cakes.

Dip prepared skewered ravioli in the Mint chutney.

Add Mint or Tomato chutneys to a Mexican Layered Dip.

A dollop of the plum chutney accents deviled eggs beautifully.

Use the Cranberry chutney to prepare mini cheese toasts.