Royal Saag

Royal Saag
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Royal Saag
Sorry you can't order frozen saag on line.

You can buy our frozen saag at the various farmers' market, we participate in. We also deliver our frozen products as well as chutneys within 40 miles radius of New York zipcode 10598.

There is a flat fee of $13.00 per delivery plus any tolls. A container of Saag is $9.00.

Saag is a spinach-based dish with a variety of spices and has the consistency of a thick, rich sauce. It has lots of antioxidants and is an excellent base for other ingredients such as lamb, chicken, beef, tofu, and Indian paneer.

My Royal Saag is prepared with the same TLC that I use in my own home with my family. Within minutes of trying my saag, you will experience what my family has been devouring for generations.
 You can taste, smell, and feel the freshness in every bite of this saag.

My saag is all natural, fresh, local, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

It is prepared with fresh spinach, tomatoes, chickpeas, and has been mildly spiced.

Heat and eat it as is.
 Or, to make it more satisfying and robust, add vegetables, paneer, tofu, diced chicken/lamb, etc.. It is delicious with rice, any type of bread, couscous, bulgar wheat, and quinoa. Saag offers the perfect base for any kind of stew.

This Royal Saag is like no other you have ever tasted.

No color, dairy, preservative, sugar, nut, onion, or garlic has been added to my Royal Saag.

 The ingredients in the saag are: spinach, tomato, chickpeas, water, salt, oil, red pepper, and Indian spices.

The combination of the Royal Saag and my Royal Mint Chutney creates an extraordinary experience.

* Keep frozen or refrigerate. If frozen, thaw before using.
You can use the microwave to thaw and you can use the microwave or stove to heat it.

* Frozen is good for few months. Refregirate is good for three/four days from the time taken out of the freezer.