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Royal Rajma
Royal Rajma
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Product Description

Royal Rajma
Sorry you can't order frozen rajma on line.

You can buy our frozen rajma at the various farmers' market, we participate in. We also deliver our frozen products as well as chutneys within 40 miles radius of New York zipcode 10598.

There is a flat fee of $13.00 per delivery plus any tolls. A container of Rajma is $9.00

While most folks are familiar with Chili, few know about the Indian version, commonly referred to as Rajma.

Royal Rajma is a vegan, fresh, and all natural stew made of kidney beans, tomatoes, and exotic spices.

It tastes exquisite on top of steamed rice, mashed potatoes, nachos, or stuffed in a burrito.

You can simply heat it up and eat it as a stew with crackers or you can add other veggies or meats/tofu.

It is enjoyed with rice, any type of bread, couscous, bulgar wheat, and quinoa.

Savory Rajma is enjoyed throughout North India and now, you can serve it in your very own kitchen.

It is the perfect, quick idea for lunch or dinner, any day of the week.

My rajma is all natural, fresh, local, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

It is prepared with dry red kidney beans, fresh tomatoes, and has been mildly spiced.

The combination of the Royal Rajma and my Royal Mint Chutney creates an extraordinary experience.

* Keep frozen or refrigerate. If frozen, thaw before using.
You can use the microwave to thaw and you can use the microwave or stove to heat it.

* Frozen is good for few months. Refregirate is good for three/four days from the time taken out of the freezer.