Royal Kofta

Royal Kofta
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Product Description

Royal Kofta
Sorry you can't order frozen kofta on line.

You can buy our frozen kofta at the various farmers' market, we participate in. We also deliver our frozen products as well as chutneys within 40 miles radius of New York zipcode 10598.

There is a flat fee of $13.00 per delivery plus any tolls. A container of Kofta is $10.00.

This healthy Soup is prepared as if it was being served in my own home. Within minutes you will experience what my family has been for generations.

This Royal Kofta is like no other you have ever eaten.

You can taste, smell, and feel the freshness in every bite of this Royal Kofta to the last bite.

No color, dairy, preservative, sugar, nut, onion, or garlic added to this Royal Kofta.

The ingredients in this kofta are: Squash, Tomato, Gram Flour, Water, Lemon Juice, Salt, Oil, Red Pepper, and Spices.

This Kofta is complete natural, pure vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, allergen free, trans fat free, and prepared in kosher kitchen.

The combination of the Royal Kofta and our Mint chutney creates an extraordinary experience.

* Keep frozen or refregirate. Frozen is good for few months. Refregirate is good for three/four days from the time taken out of the freezer. If frozen thaw before using. You can use microwave to thaw.

You can use microwave or stove to heat them.

They are a flavorful & healthy alternative to traditional meatballs and can satiate you completely!

These koftas are prepared in a curry sauce infused with traditional Indian spices. They are delicious, satisfying, and perfect solution for lunch/dinner.

They can be eaten with rice or pita bread, stuffed into a roll with fresh veggies on the top, or eaten as a soup. Serve hot or cold with our chutneys. The taste is extraordinary.