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Our Products

Our Products
These spicy gourmet chutneys are made from the freshest ingredients available. We have not added any color, preservative, nuts or oil to any of the chutneys.
There is no sugar added to three of our chutneys, Royal Coconut, Royal Tomato and Royal Mint chutney.
Royal Tomato chutney
Royal Plum chutney
Royal Cranberry chutney
Royal Pomegranate chutney
Royal Mint chutney
Royal Coconut chutney
You can taste and smell the ingredients in every jar and to the last drop of chutney.

Please order today to taste the freshness and flavor in these chutneys.

Royal Rajma:
Our Rajma is, fresh, local, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free stew.
Rajma is made of kidney beans, tomatoes, and exotic spices. While most folks are familiar with Chili, few know about the Indian version, commonly referred to as Rajma. It tastes exquisite on top of steamed rice, mashed potatoes, nachos, or stuffed in a burrito.
You can simply heat it up and eat it as a stew with crackers or you can add other veggies or meats/tofu. It is enjoyed with rice, any type of bread, couscous, bulgar wheat, and quinoa.
Savory Rajma is enjoyed throughout North India and now, you can serve it in your very own kitchen. It is the perfect, quick idea for lunch or dinner, any day of the week.

Royal Saag:
Our Saag is natural, fresh, local, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.
It is prepared with fresh spinach, tomatoes, chickpeas, and mildly spiced.
Heat and eat it as it is. Add vegetables, paneer, tofu, diced chicken/lamb, etc. to it. It is delicious with rice, any type of bread, couscous, bulgar wheat, and quinoa. Perfect base for any kind of stew.
The taste of our saag is out of this world. It is very creamy without the cream.
The saag is prepared in a curry sauce infused with traditional Indian spices. It is delicious, satisfying, and perfect solution for lunch/dinner.

Royal Kofta:
They are a flavorful & healthy alternative to traditional meatballs and can satiate you completely!
Our koftas are natural, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, fresh, and local.
They are delicious, satisfying, and perfect solution for lunch/dinner. They can be eaten with rice or pita bread, stuffed into a roll with fresh veggies on the top, or eaten as a soup. Serve hot or cold with our chutneys. The taste is extraordinary.

Royal Samosa
Royal Samosa is a healthy and like no other snack you have ever eaten.
You can taste, smell, and feel the freshness in every bite of this Royal Samosa to the last bite.
All natural, vegetarian, no color, preservative, sugar, dairy, nut, onion, or garlic added to the frozen products.

Royal Roti Roll
Roti Roll is a flat Indian bread prepared with whole wheat flour and seasonal vegetables. Eat it cold or warm.

Sorry you can't order frozen samosas, saag, kofta, rajma and/or roti roll on line.

You can buy our frozen samosa, kofta, saag, & rajma and roti roll at the various farmers' market, we participate in. We also deliver our frozen products as well as roti rolls, ayurvedic spices and chutneys within 40 miles radius of New York zipcode 10598.

There is a flat fee of $13.00 per delivery plus any tolls. A bag of 4 samosas is $10.00. A container of Kofta is $10.00. A container of Saag is $10.00. A container of Rajma is $10.00 A Roti Roll is $5.00

Our Ayurvedic Spices:
Black Salt, Cardamom, Clove, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Curry Masala, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger, Gram Masala, Thymol, Turmeric
Indian spices not only enhance desserts or many of our favorite foods, but they also have a wide variety of properties that arenít necessarily well known or publicized. For centuries in India, the below spices have been used with cooking as well as for several alternative reasons.
The above set of spices have been noted to have healing properties.* They are antioxidants that can help boost immunity, decelerate the aging process, stimulate the appetite, and potentially help with fatigue. Who knew you could eat something incredibly savory and delightful and nurture yourself simultaneously? Donít miss out on trying one or all of these spices today Ė they can be used together to create lovely flavors.
*This message does not offer medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any health-related or medicinal uses of the above spices.