Home Made Yogurt Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups of milk; 1/4 cup of plain yogurt

Boil two cups of milk. Until skin forms Transfer milk in to a corning/ceramic/plastic container and let it  cool* Lightly beat 1/4 cup of yogurt using the spoon, 4-6 strokes Stir, yogurt slowly in to the milk and cover it Place this container in the oven; please don’t turn on the oven**

* In summer milk can be at room temperature but in winter it should be warm

** It takes about 6-7 hours for milk to convert in to  yogurt. In winter time,  lightly cover the container in a towel.Refrigerate yogurt. It yields little over two cups of  yogurt.

Just stir in your favorite Bombay Emerald Chutney(s) in the yogurt and enjoy it as chutney yogurt, as salad dressing, or as marinating/cooking sauce.