Home Made Cheese (Paneer)

Home Made Cheese (Paneer) Recipe:

Ingredients: 1 quart half & Half; 1 quart regular Milk*; 1 4 tablespoons of White Distilled Vinegar** You will need cheese cloth and colander.


Mix half & half and regular milk in a pot and boil on slow to medium heat until skin is formed.

Add vinegar slowly stirring in the boiled milk

As soon as you see water separated from the milk, turn off the heat

Cut 18 x 36 piece of cheese cloth, fold into 18 square.

Make sure it is washed by using dish washing liquid.

Spread the cheese cloth in the colander; drain the water out of the cheese.

Make a ball of cheese by putting four corners of cheese cloth together and twist.

Squeeze the remaining water by applying little pressure by hands.

You can use any technique known to you to take the extra water out of the cheese.

Just leave this cheese ball within cheese cloth in the colander for about half hour to drain the remaining water.

Take the cheese ball out of the cheese cloth by pulling the cloth away from it.

Refrigerate it in a zip lock bag if you are not going to use it within couple of hours.

It yields 1 lb of cheese, paneer.

Enjoy your home made cheese!

Use any of the Bombay Emerald Chutney(s) with this cheese to create an exotic spicy extraordinary spread.

* You can use leftover milk

**Start with one table spoon, add more vinegar as needed.