These Questions and answers are strictly applicable to Bombay Emerald Chutneys only.

Q. What is chutney? A. Chutney is a perfect blend of spices and main ingredients like fruits, herbs, etc to maximize the flavor and lock it.

Q. What will I do with these chutneys? A. Use these chutneys hot or cold. Brush on the top of the meat and cook on the stove /grill/barbeque/bake/broil. Stir fry/Sautee any vegetable(s) by adding these chutneys Add to plain yogurt/Sour cream to create your own cooking/marinating sauce, salad dressing or dip. Spread on sandwiches, use on wraps, pita pockets, etc. Dip sliced vegetables or fruits in these chutneys Add tablespoon(s) of these chutneys to a cup of plain yogurt and have a chutney yogurt, check our home made yogurt recipe. Add these chutneys to any food your heart desire. Fold these chutneys in to soft plain cream cheese or goat cheese to create colorful spicy spreads. Add these chutneys to rice, beans, eggs, soups, pasta, etc. Use Royal Pomegranate chutney on the plain vanilla ice-cream. There are no rules in using these chutneys, just use them as you please.

Q. How long will they stay fresh once opened? A. Please refrigerate once jar is open. These chutneys stay fresh for two weeks once jar is open. After two weeks, please check for mold, fungus, etc before use. Q. How long will these chutneys stay unopened? A. These chutneys are good for six months unopened. Please store unopened jars of these chutneys in the pantry/cupboard away from direct sun.

Q. I love these chutneys but my family doesnít A. You donít have to cook with these chutneys. You can add these chutneys on your portion of the meal only.